Can You Microwave Corn on the Cob?




Corn on the cob is a peculiar term used to mention a freshly prepared ear of maize which belongs to the sweet corn variant of all other types of corn. Sweet corn is one of the few corn varieties that can be eaten straight from the cob after harvesting and thorough preparation.

Corn on the cob can be boiled with or without their green husks. Regardless, the husks are removed any time the corn is served.

Often times, people love to eat their corn on the cob during it’s warm phase after preparation. They add extra seasoning such as salt and butter before offering it to others or eating it themselves. Also, in some parts of the world, sticks are drilled into the end of the cob to aid those who are not comfortable with holding the kernel parts of corn.

It is greatly advised that corn on the cob is harvested and consumed as fast as possible. This is because the corn starts to process sugar and convert it to starch within 24 hours after harvest. However, certain persons would love to keep corn on the cobs and enjoy them later by microwaving.

If you need to heat corn on the cob, what method would you make use of?

Can you microwave corn on the cob? Yes, you can microwave corn on the cob. With the microwave set to high, all you need to do is get a wet paper towel. Wrap the corn ear in this humid towel and place on a dinner plate. Slide this plate into the microwave and it will be ready in about 5 minutes.

Then, you can enjoy your microwaved corn on the cob. The microwave has an outstanding heating capacity that makes it a very fast process. 

Attending painstakingly to corn on the cob during heating is a key step to get the best results. Since it takes a very fast period of five minutes, you can wait through to get your fresh corn on the cob meal.

What Happens When You Microwave Corn On The Cob?

Although many think it’s an herculean process. Microwaving corn on the cob isn’t difficult at all.

Moreover, it takes 2 to 5 minutes with the microwave heat set to high. However, quantity of corn ears microwaved at the same time adds some tweaks which are important for you to know.

As we move on, I’ll share a very detailed approach I make use of when preparing my corn on the cob. Using microwave to heat corn on the cob with a static approach may not give you the desired approach. You need a dynamic one.

Quantity always affects heating time required to get the best effect you desire. If it’s just one, you heat for two minutes with the microwave set at high. If the ears are two, three minutes would be enough for the microwave to make the kernels soft for consumption. For each ear of corn added, you have to add an extra minute. Podcast ingles diario

The best maximum of ears to heat at once is four to get desirable results and avoid making a corn on the cob unfit for consumption.

Heating corn on the cob with a microwave is pretty easy and fast. A lot of people are really making use of this technique. Regardless, there are other methods which might come in handy if you’re looking to get a change of taste with corn.

How to Heat Corn on the Cob with a Microwave 

Heating corn on the cob with a microwave is amongst one of the easiest recipes to learn and execute. It’s fast and gives same satisfaction gotten from most of the alternatives used overtime. For some regions, the weather conditions do not support certain methods like grilling which has given microwaving a upper hand. To microwave corn on the cob, the steps I usually follow are:

  1. Carefully select the corn on the cob you’ll use for your delicious dish. Get corn on the cob with green husks and sticky brown silks. Make sure the husks are still very humid and peek to make sure the corn is disease free.
  2. Get a microwave safe container or serving plate and place an ear or two of corn on the cob (preferably with husks for best results). If you have many husks to microwave, you can do each at a time or up to three at once. If you’re heating three at once, make sure you place them in a triangle shape on the serving plate or microwave safe container.
  3. Set the microwave to high and cook the corn ears for three to four minutes. Keep cooking with intervals of 30 seconds after this till the ears are hot the way you want them. This is to help avoid overheating the ears due to the speed of the microwave.
  4. Take out the hot corn from the microwave with tongs or an oven mitt and carefully put it on a heat resistant platform to cool. When they are cool, peel the husks and silks off.
  5. Add butter or salt as toppings while it is still hot and serve immediately.

Alternative Methods to Cooking Corn

Although microwaves provide a satisfactory technique, you could always make use of other methods like frying, boiling, grilling and roasting. All these methods equally help achieve a nice and satisfactory taste as well and they all preach the husk on approach even if you’re adding condiments.

To keep you up to date with relevant information on this topic, here are some frequently asked questions:

Should Silks be Removed Before Microwaving Corn on the Cob?

Silks do not need to be removed as they easily come off after microwaving the corn on the cob.

What’s the Maximum Number of Ears of Corn to Microwave at a Single Time?

To get the best results, a maximum of four ears at a time is highly recommended

Can You Microwave Corn on the Cob?

Can You Microwave Corn on the Cob?

What Happens When You Microwave Corn On The Cob?How to Heat Corn on the Cob with a Microwave Alternative Methods to Cooking CornRelated Questions:Should Silks





Can You Microwave Corn on the Cob?
Can You Microwave Corn on the Cob?

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