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Do Carrots Have Seeds?




A lot of people confuse carrots as fruit. But carrots are not. Carrots are vegetables, and many veggies do not have seeds. 

Do carrots have seeds? Yes, they do. However, if considered in a botanical sense, carrot seeds are not real or true grains. They are dry fruits known as schizocarps. Carrot seeds are extremely small, with an average of 1mm in length. They have a brown color, which sets them apart from other dry seeds.

As a dry fruit, it means that there are no seeds inside the carrot because the part of the carrot we eat is the root and grows in the ground. Instead, the carrot shoots a stem above the soil surface. This stem is what we call the carrot flowers because the flowers are the main vegetable. The seeds eventually grow on the flowers. 

However, it can be hard to get a carrot seed because of the way they reproduce. Getting carrot seeds can also be tasking because they are not true seeds. They form on the umbels borne in carrot flowers. This is why many farmers take their time to gather and store seeds to have enough for the next planting season.

To get carrot seeds, you need to know how to carrots behave.  

Can You Eat Carrot Seeds?

Yes, you can eat carrot seeds. However, you may not find it to your taste as it does not taste sweet. It has a bitter and sour taste to it. Many people do not like eating carrot seeds because of their taste, especially people from the Europe and the Americas. However, in countries like Greece and China, it is prevalent and a cultural phenomenon. 

Carrot seeds can be eaten either raw or crushed. Either way, you choose, they both are edible and have the same effect. People prefer to use the crushed carrot seeds as a medicinal or herbal pill. However, when used for everyday purposes, you can ground carrot seeds and make into a tea or mix them with other teas.  

How Do Carrots Reproduce?

Reproduction is an important process in any living thing, and carrots can be considered a living thing because they can reproduce just like other root vegetables. However, the reproduction process of these root vegetables does not work the same way carrots do. 

Many root vegetables like potatoes reproduce from their tubers and rhizomes. However, carrots do not. Carrots reproduce through their seeds. Carrots are late-season or biennial crops that spend a year developing their tuber. They grow in cool temperatures and on soft, fertile soil. 

When planted, the carrots sprout little white flowers that create umbels. These umbels attract insects, and the insects fertilize the carrot plant. After fertilization occurs, the umbels fold-up into what resembles a bird’s nest that houses the seeds. Once this happens, you can now plant your seeds in the soil. Technically, they take six to fourteen days to germinate. This means that the carrot is on its way to developing. 

Will Carrots Make My Skin Glow?

Daily, people engage themselves in skincare routines that help them fight against anti-aging effects like wrinkles. Sometimes, we go the extra mile to buy body cosmetics such as facial and body creams that will keep us looking young and radiant.

Carrots have a high antioxidant level that repairs damaged skin and help retain a youthful look. This antioxidant also strengthens the joints keeping you fit. So, when you eat carrots, you just might be aiding your skin to glow. 

One other unique antioxidizing quality carrots have is that they are rich in beta-carotene, the substance that makes the vegetable look yellow. When applied to the skin, this yellow substance helps to fend-off free radicals from damaging the skin.  It also acts as a precursor to vitamin A which helps in cell regeneration. Hence, carrots can help increase the rate of cell turnover in the skin, making you look younger and your skin healthier.  

Does Eating Carrots Improve My Eyesight?

As stated earlier, carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a substance which when taken, helps the body function well. The same compound in carrots helps keep the eye healthy. When beta-carotene enters the body, it changes into vitamin A and improves eyesight. We can term this the best superpower of carrots.  Notarias latinas cerca de mi

This substance also protects the eyes from sun rays by sending a signal to the brain to convert a brightly light place dim. This way, you can see better in low light. Taking carrots reduces the chances of developing cataracts and other eye complications. This way, you get to keep your eye health and avoid seeing an ophthalmologist concerning eye problems.

Do Carrots Have Side Effects?

When taken moderately, carrots do not affect health. Even eating a small amount of the seeds or drinking a little quantity of carrot juice does not cause any harm to the body. However, when you eat too many carrots it may likely send off negative reactions to the body. 

Recent research shows that when eaten like food, carrots are likely safe for everyone. But when taken consistently as medicine for more than four weeks, it may cause the skin to become yellow because of its carotene content. It is also necessary for young children and infants to watch their intake of carrots. This is because eating too much of it may cause tooth decay. 

Final Thoughts

  • Carrots do have seeds. Though, we cannot consider them true seeds. 
  • Carrot seeds do not grow inside the carrot but on the flowers.
  • Carrot seeds are edible, but they do not have a sweet taste.
  • Seeds from carrots are beneficial to health. They have an antioxidant substance known as beta-carotene that can help retain youthful skin. 
  • Carrots also help improve eyesight due to beta-carotene. 
  • Carrots are safe to eat when taken in little amounts. However, taking too many carrots can cause a skin reaction where the skin becomes yellow. In children and infants, too many carrots can cause tooth decay. 

Do Carrots Have Seeds?

Do Carrots Have Seeds?

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Do Carrots Have Seeds?
Do Carrots Have Seeds?

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