Does Bread Last Longer in the Fridge?




The smell of freshly baked bread is definitely what most people want to wake up to. If only you could do that every day. But how then, can you preserve bread and maintain its freshness? 

Does bread last longer in the fridge? No, it doesn’t. Bread that’s kept on the countertop lasts much longer than the one inside the fridge. Fresh bread ought never to go inside the fridge. Most types of bread will develop mold quicker if kept in the fridge.

The biggest challenge with storing bread is that, as moisture builds up, mold starts to form. And this is why a fridge won’t work well. However, freezing the bread is a better option than refrigerating the normal way. But we still find other methods more efficient and effective. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep bread fresh for more than just a few days.


Why You Shouldn’t Store Bread in the Fridge

Refrigerated bread develops mildew quite easily. When this happens, it often develops spots of brown, and can even turn to some shades of dark brown or black. In some cases, when the bread seems to be getting stale or moldy, it could be because the moisture level in it is way over the limit. There are a number of reasons why bread loses or gains moisture faster than normal – all of which have to do with how it is stored.

Starchy foods aren’t supposed to go into cold places, such as the fridge, where they develop a very high concentration of water. The more water present, the sooner they go stale. Therefore, primary causes for going stale include excessive heat, being in a cold place for a long period of time, and going into a dark, drafty area of the fridge for too long. 

Bread kept in a relatively warm environment does not become stale quickly. On the other hand, bread that is stored for an extended period of time in a cold area is subject to a variety of different factors that contribute to its fast staling process.

In addition, bread that stays in a refrigerator for too long loses its nutritional value, so it makes more sense to store it elsewhere.

How to Properly Store Bread

Breads stored on countertops or in room temperature, away from any sources of extreme temperatures last longer. The best way to store bread is to leave it in its original packaging, if possible. If you store bread properly in a dry area, it should last more than 3 days. Freezing foods


Avoid Storing in Airtight Containers 

One huge mistake people make when storing bread is placing it in a container with a tightly sealed lid. This causes the bread to dry out even more rapidly. As the bread absorbs the little moisture from the air, it starts to dry out quickly. This is why you should keep your bread in its original packaging. 

Store in Paper, Never Plastic 

Here’s the thing, a fresh loaf of bread is best eaten within a day or two. But sometimes you can’t just finish the whole bread in a sitting. So, you have to get a great alternative that will help you store it in the right way, as you wait to devour it some other time. 

Unfortunately, doing so in a plastic bag isn’t the best option. It works, yes. But it just isn’t the best option to use at home. It actually encourages the growth of molds and make the bread go stale even faster. Paper is a better alternative you know, and many people don’t even know this. Well, lucky for you, now you know. 

Use Bread Boxes 

Please note that we’re not talking about airtight containers here. Bread boxes are great for storing bread. And you know why? They have tiny holes in them that allow just a fraction of air to circulate. This is all that your bread needs to last longer. 

Remember above when we told you that bread lasts longer under optimal room temperature. Well, here it is now. A bread box provides just the right amounts of oxygen and moisture for bread to last longer. After all, it’s not called a bread box for nothing. 

A bread box will help slow down and even prevent molding from taking place. In addition, the plus side of using a bread box is its appearance. It enhances and spices up the look of your kitchen in a great way. If you’re a kitchen lover and fancy aesthetics, then this is an option you wouldn’t want to slip by. 

But we’re not dismissing the fact that you may be skeptical about bread boxes due to pests. In such cases, and only these cases will allow you use an airtight container. When you do so, try and place one slice of bread aside that will act as an absorbing agent. This helps to control the level of moisture inside the container. 

Try Reusable Bread Bags 

This is a more eco-friendly and trendy way to store bread. There are tons of them in the market these days. And the best part is that aside from being cost-effective in terms of the price, you can tell from the name that they are reusable. They are machine washable and work great in all types of surfaces and environment. 

Reusable bread bags are a great alternative to use in place of paper bags. They are made out of breathable material that preserves the freshness of your bread. Reusable bread bags are a great investment for environment lovers who still want their bread fresh as long as possible. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you know why you shouldn’t place your loaves of bread in the fridge. Also, you know the alternatives that you can use to preserve bread longer. Try to buy some breathable containers, which will help keep your bread fresh for more days. 

You can also buy bags, which have a zipper at the top so that you can seal the container very securely. The other methods we have mentioned are equally ideal when you want to preserve your bread freshly for longer. Freezing of bread may be a good alternative.

Does Bread Last Longer in the Fridge?

Does Bread Last Longer in the Fridge?

The smell of freshly baked bread is definitely what most people want to wake up to. If only you could do that every day. But how then, can you preserve bread a





Does Bread Last Longer in the Fridge?
Does Bread Last Longer in the Fridge?

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