Can You Freeze Egg Beaters?




Egg beaters is a great alternative to whole chicken eggs. I love egg beaters because it allows me to enjoy my eggs for breakfast without the cholesterol-filled yolk.

Many medical studies have shown us that cholesterol can be harmful to our health. For this reason, it makes sense that people would want to consume egg beaters instead of typical chicken eggs with egg yolk.

Although egg beaters is 99% egg white, there are still a couple of ingredients present in it. In fact, the yellow color of the egg beaters is as a result of the few additives it contains. 

Egg beaters can be used to prepare several recipes. Although it isn’t the exact same thing as whole egg, it is still capable of being used in the same cooking as whole egg – so far as the egg yolk isn’t required in the cooking. Some of the foods that can be prepared with egg beaters include omelets, frittatas, quiche, egg sandwiches, fried rice, French toast, scrambled eggs, and more. 


Since egg beaters basically has the same color and consistency as whole eggs, but without the cholesterol-filled egg yolk, you may consume a lot more of it. To avoid any waste of the product, you’ll need an effective way to preserve it when there are leftovers. So, how do you preserve egg beaters?

Can you freeze egg beaters? Yes, you can freeze egg beaters. If done correctly, egg beaters will be preserved in the freezer for up to 12 months! In fact, any other brand of liquid eggs that may also purchase can be safely preserved for up to a year through freezing. 

This article contains simple details that will help you freeze your liquid eggs successfully. All you need to do is follow the given steps correctly.  

Freezing Egg Beaters 

One important detail that you must pay attention to when freezing egg beaters is the packaging. Now, you may be in a situation where you’ve already opened the carton of egg beaters and used some of it. In such a case, you’re not expected to freeze the egg beaters with the carton. Instead, you’ll need to transfer it into a freezer-safe container or plastic bag and freeze. 

If the egg beaters carton is unopened, you can freeze it in the carton – although it is much safer to also transfer it from the carton to a freezer-safe bag or container. There are some people who actually pre-freeze their desired portions of egg beaters, or any other liquid egg brand, in ice cube trays. 


Also, you shouldn’t refreeze egg beaters after they’ve already been frozen and thawed once. Instead, only defrost a portion of the frozen egg beaters that can be finished at once – this is one of the advantages of freezing in ice cube trays.  Știri de ultimă oră din Spania

How to Freeze Egg Beaters  

Whether you’ll be freezing a portion of egg beaters or any other liquid egg brand, here are some easy steps for you to follow: 

Step 1: Transfer Egg Beaters from Carton into Freezer-Safe Containers  

When you’ve decided how much of the egg beaters you want to freeze, you’ll need to divide it into smaller portions. Dividing into smaller portions will supply you with just the amount of the liquid eggs that can be finished at one; hence preventing wastage. You can grab a couple of resealable freezer-safe bags and divide the egg beaters in them. 

If you want a more accurate measurement, you can pre-freeze the egg beaters in ice cube trays. Make sure the freezer-safe bags or containers you use are of good quality.    

Step 2: Tightly Seal the Freezer Bags and Label Them 

After dividing the egg beaters into all the desired freezer bags, go ahead to seal the bags properly. It is important to seal off the bags tightly so as to avoid cold freezer air coming in contact with the liquid eggs. Exposure to cold freezer air will compromise the taste and consistency of the liquid eggs and make them undesirable for eating. 

After you’ve correctly sealed the freezer-safe bags, you’ll need to label the bags with the current date. Writing the present date on the bags will help you remember how long the egg beaters have been frozen for. 

Although egg beaters will last up to 12 months in the freezer, it is best to use it during the first 6 months of freezing. 

How to Pre-Freeze Egg Beaters  

For those who would like to pre-freeze their egg beaters, here are some easy steps to follow: 

  • Grab enough ice cube trays to hold all the portions of egg beaters and start filling them up. 
  • Fill the cubes up to ¾ of their individual capacities.
  • After filling the cubes, use some plastic wrap to cover the ice cube tray – this is done to keep the egg beaters from spilling out of the cubes. 
  • Allow the ice cube trays with the egg beaters to sit in the freezer for a couple of hours. After some time, check to see if the egg beaters is frozen. 
  • If the egg beaters is properly frozen, take the ice cube tray out of the freezer and pop the egg beaters into a freezer-safe bag. 
  • Go ahead to write the present date on the freezer-safe bag with a marker. 

How to Defrost Frozen Egg Beaters 

When you eventually want to make use of some frozen egg beaters, you’ll need to defrost it. The defrosting process is quite easy. Grab the freezer-safe bag container the frozen egg beaters and remove only the quantity you wish to use. Place the frozen egg beaters in a bowl and leave it to sit in the refrigerator overnight. 

After some hours of sitting in the refrigerator, the egg beaters would be completely thawed. Those who cannot wait for the refrigerator to thaw their egg beaters can simply leave them in the freezer-safe bag and put the freezer-safe bag under running tap water to thaw. 

Microwaving is a final alternative to the two former methods of thawing. Thawing in the microwave should be done at a safe interval of 30 seconds till the egg beaters is completely defrosted. 

Can You Freeze Egg Beaters?

Can You Freeze Egg Beaters?

Egg beaters is a great alternative to whole chicken eggs. I love egg beaters because it allows me to enjoy my eggs for breakfast without the cholesterol-filled





Can You Freeze Egg Beaters?
Can You Freeze Egg Beaters?

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