Can You Freeze Horizon Organic Milk?




Horizon Organic Milk is the milk of choice for many health-conscious individuals. You would often prefer to buy more of this milk to stock at home, especially when you got a great deal from the grocery store. Then at some point in time, you found yourself trying to finish all the milk you have purchased before it expires, but it seems you just have more than enough. You thought of putting some in the freezer to preserve it. The question is, can you freeze Horizon Organic Milk?

The answer is, YES! Freezing Horizon Organic Milk is totally fine. Generally, you can freeze most types of milk. Cow’s milk actually freezes fairly well, but it may separate at some point. That does not immediately mean it’s a bad thing, though. Whatever kind you have, it should be transferred to a freezer-safe bag or in an airtight container before you toss it in the freezer. 


Horizon Organic Milk has no added hormones and no antibiotics. It is also non-GMO and toxic pesticides-free. Every serving of this cold and creamy organic milk contains calcium, protein, B vitamins, and vitamin D. 

How long to keep Horizon Organic Milk Frozen?

The answer relies to a large extent on its storage conditions you provide. As long as you store it properly, it will maintain its prime for more than a month. You can still consume it beyond that time but take note that time will come that your milk will slowly lose its quality as time goes on. 

Ideally, organic milk must be kept refrigerated at all times to maximize its shelf life. For whatever reasons you have that you need to freeze the milk, feel free to do so anyway. 


How to Freeze Horizon Organic Milk?

If you’re planning to freeze Horizon Organic Milk before its expiration date, take note of these steps on how to freeze it correctly:

Step 1 – Avoid leaving it in its original container

Divide your milk into serving portions in clean airtight containers. Or, you can transfer everything in one container if you prefer it that way. Make sure to leave at least half an inch headspace at the top. Why? First, it saves freezer space. And second, liquid like milk will expand when you freeze it. Filling the container to the fullest may leak or even burst.  Noticias raras y curiosas

Make sure to keep your milk away from other foods like fish, meats, and foods with a strong odor. Milk can absorb the odor or flavor of other neighboring foods in the freezer. You won’t be happy to have a cup of fishy-smelling milk, right?

Step 2 – Put it in the freezer

Make sure to keep your milk constantly frozen at 0° F.

Though some people do not have any problem freezing milk in its original cardboard container, they admit that the carton will surely expand when it freezes. However, what if you only need to drink just a cup or less of this organic milk? Imagine that kind of trouble it will take to defrost the whole box and refreeze the rest. That is why you may need to freeze your milk in smaller portions. 

How to Defrost Frozen Horizon Organic Milk?


Frozen Horizon Organic Milk is best defrosted in the fridge compared to room temperature to minimize bacterial growth risks. Just take the frozen organic milk out of the freezer and transfer it to the refrigerator. 


If you want to defrost your milk faster, you can submerge it in a basin of cold water. However, take note that this defrosting method poses a slightly higher risk of bacterial growth. Submerging it with warm or hot water is not recommended to defrost your frozen milk.


Apparently, you can add your frozen milk directly into your cooking pot if your recipe calls for milk. Yes, you do not have to defrost it anymore! The heat will just melt your milk away and get mixed into the rest of your ingredients. 

Remember that you have up to two days to consume your already defrosted milk. Refreezing is not advisable anymore. 

Does Freezing affect the Quality of Horizon Organic Milk?

Freezing does not destroy the milk’s nutritional properties. However, it will affect its consistency. Once you have thawed your frozen milk, it often becomes separated and watery. The texture may turn out somewhat grainy or slushy, but that does not mean it is not safe for consumption anymore as long as it was stored and defrosted properly.

How to Fix Thawed Horizon Organic Milk that has Separated

As long as it is still safe for drinking, milk that has separated can be fixed using a blender to smoothen and reverse the fat separation. If you don’t have a blender, just shake the milk vigorously after thawing and before each use. 

When your thawed frozen milk has turned out unappealing to drink as a plain beverage, don’t get pouty, and let’s just make it more interesting instead! As long as it is not spoiled yet, it can still be acceptably used in smoothies, baking, and cooking. 

If you are already planning to use the milk for smoothies, you can freeze them in ice cube trays! This will be easier for you to pop out some frozen milk cubes and combine them in a blender with other smoothie ingredients.

How to Know if Horizon Organic Milk is Still Safe to Drink?

Look for signs of milk spoilage. Check its smell and appearance. Throw your milk away if you have observed any of the following spoilage characteristics:

  • Sour smell
  • Off-white or yellowish color
  • Thick or clumpy texture

Never allow an opened container or carton of Horizon Organic Milk to be exposed under ambient temperature for more than two hours. Exposing the milk in this condition spoils rapidly.

Can You Freeze Horizon Organic Milk?

Can You Freeze Horizon Organic Milk?

Horizon Organic Milk is the milk of choice for many health-conscious individuals. You would often prefer to buy more of this milk to stock at home, especially





Can You Freeze Horizon Organic Milk?
Can You Freeze Horizon Organic Milk?

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