Can You Freeze Kombucha?




Kombucha (also known as fermented tea) is a preserved drink that you can freeze at home. It’s a delicious tea-based drink that thousands, if not millions of people drink for its health benefits or medicinal purposes. It’s sour, sweet, and naturally carbonated by fermenting gases!

Kombucha is becoming a well-known drink one, which can assist promote good digestion.

Over 1900 years ago, Kombucha was not traditionally frozen, but now, modern freezers have become a new storage method. Kombucha slushies and popsicles can make for the perfect summer treat.

However, Kombucha isn’t common in the United States nowadays, but it can be found at the nearby marketplace. Many individuals are now preparing their Kombucha! This drink is best stored at room temperature to keep the way of life alive. In this regard, can you freeze Kombucha? Or what about freezing this drink?

Some people think that Kombucha should not be frozen because the probiotic culture might die during freezing. This is not true.

Can you freeze kombucha? Yes, you can freeze kombucha for future intake or uses. The truth is that freezing Kombucha will not kill the yeast and bacteria culture, and the cold temps will only make them stay inactive.

It’s very essential to freeze this drink appropriately via “quick freezing” so the yeast and microorganisms culture will not die or bite the dust during freezing.

Freezing of Kombucha

For one thing, yeast and beneficial bacteria’s cell membranes could rupture as they expand from being kept in the freezer for too long. Additionally, the ice crystals that form during freezing could be harmful to the bacteria. As such, it’s not recommendable to freeze Kombucha for weeks at a time. You need to consume the beverage as soon as possible if you want to enjoy its health benefits. 

Is it safe to keep fermented tea in the fridge? Yes, you can store this drink in the fridge. When stored in the fridge, it’ll keep for up to three months. But to reiterate, it’s not advisable to keep this drink stored for too long if you want to enjoy its health benefits.

Reasons to Freeze Kombucha

There are four reasons why freezing fermented tea can be a great way to keep your Kombucha alive; here are four reasons to freeze Kombucha.

  • Last Longer – It can be challenging to cease Kombucha from further fermenting and becoming vinegar, if you live in a hot climate. Although it can technically last forever, it slowly ferments prior to turning into vinegar and becoming too sour to enjoy. For this reason, freezing could be a good idea to keep your brew tasting the same.
  • Enjoyable Summer Treat – Kombucha makes the perfect beverage to turn into ice, popsicles, slushies, and lollies. It’s fruity, tasty, and sweet – ideal as a refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day.
  • More Space – If you live in a small apartment, don’t have a fridge big enough, or don’t have a basement, it’s easy to leave your Kombucha out to spoil. You could bottle it before adding it to the freezer to free up some space.
  • Batch Brewing – Brewing a broad batch can be the ideal solution; you’ve to clean, wash, and make once. You are often left with too much beverage leftover without knowing what to do with it. Just add some in the freezer for later!

Things to Consider Before Freezing

Before you freeze your beverage, the following points should be considered: Blog sobre música Rock

Time Period – You can only leave your live drink in the freezer for up to 2 – 3 months. If you exceed this period, you risk the cultures, probiotics, and bacteria dying.

Storage Vessel – If you are going to freeze a commercially produced or store-bought bottle of fermented tea, then you can freeze it in that bottle. Many individuals suggest a glass bowl or glass freezer container if you are going to freeze home-brewed Kombucha.

How to Freeze Kombucha

If you had like to keep your favorite health drink in the freezer, the following is steps involves or guide on how you can freeze Kombucha:

Before you proceed with the freezing, it’s crucial to note that this process will not guarantee the probiotics’ survival post-freezing.

Step 1: Slowing Freezing

Slow freezing is the foe when storing Kombucha in the freezer. If you brewed your beverage, it’s essential to pack the drink thoroughly. That contains avoiding using any metal to store the drink.

The probiotic culture will react with the Kombucha, so always use plastic funnels and plastic utensils to prep the fermented tea. 

Step 2: Pour the Kombucha Into Container

You can use heavy-duty releasable plastic bags or hard plastic container to freeze the drink. Just pour the drink into the container and leave for a couple of inches of space prior to sealing it. Never shake the beverage.

Step 3: Fill a big bowl with ice 

Fill a wide bowl with ice, place the packed drink in to chill, and then add water and a ¼ cup of salt. The salt will cause the ice and water to turn highly cold, chilling the beverage almost instantly. Once the drink is chilled and lovely, stick in the freezer and keep the temperature at a constant 0°Fahrenheit.

You can do the same process to flash freeze store-bought kombucha; though, there’s no need to transfer the drink to another container.

How to Reheat Frozen Kombucha 

  • Use a heating pad
  • Place your Kombucha on top of a heat appliance, like the refrigerator
  • Relocate the brew to the warmest spot in your house
  • Remember, heat rises. Try placing your beverage in a high spot in your house, like on top of a cabinet.
  • Wrap your brewing vessel in a towel and place it in a heat location. Add a bottle of hot water for reheat and change as needed
  • Place your Kombucha vessel in the oven with the oven light on. The oven light will create heat. Monitor the temperature and turn off the oven light once the desired temperature is achieved, don’t forget to turn it off or leave it on
  • Wrapping your jar with Christmas lights is another great way to reheat your Kombucha gently. It doesn’t bring up the heat drastically, so this won’t work for really cold houses. But for temporary cold snaps or mild, this is a great option

But also, it’s not advisable to reheat the Kombucha as heating and reheating kills all the probiotics (living bacteria) present in the Kombucha.

Does Freezing Kombucha Affect the Taste?

Often it’ll begin to lose its flavor within 1 – 2 weeks. However, you should ensure that you do not re-freeze the Kombucha. This will kill the probiotics, causing the Kombucha to lose its health benefits. Re-freezing the fermented tea will impact its taste, producing a bland drink.

How to Know if Leftover Kombucha is Safe to Drink?

If your Kombucha has remained refrigerated or in an iced cooler and still has a robust vinegar smell and flavor, you can intake or drink it as it is completely safe to consume. Many people, however, dislike the strong vinegar flavor.

Can You Freeze Kombucha?

Can You Freeze Kombucha?

Freezing of KombuchaReasons to Freeze KombuchaThings to Consider Before FreezingHow to Freeze KombuchaStep 1: Slowing FreezingStep 2: Pour the Kombucha Into Co





Can You Freeze Kombucha?
Can You Freeze Kombucha?

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