Can You Freeze Soda?




There’s always something that brings out the inner child in us. For me, the trigger is the fizz pop I get when opening that can of soda. Coke, Pepsi, the list is pretty long. Soda is something even little kids can enjoy and it goes with anything. Everyone loves soda, everyone loves the fizz, everyone likes frozen stuff. So here comes the big question.

Can you freeze soda? Yes, you can. But, you shouldn’t intentionally freeze your soda. Freezing your soda bears the risk of having the container exploding. Even if the soda doesn’t explode, but the CO2 somehow manages to escape, soda would not taste normal as it would have lost the carbonation.

Do not freeze soda! Don’t try it. At times, we might be impatient and want our soda to get chilled fast. Then, we put it into the freezer and forget it’s there. Well, if you accidentally freeze your soda, all is not lost. It can be restored as long as certain conditions are met.

Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Your Soda

When water freezes, it expands and adds about 9% of its original volume. A soda can that is filled with soda contains about 90% water, that’s not all. Soda is carbonated, this done by using a nozzle to shoot CO2 at high pressure into the soda before sealing it. The carbonation is what gives you that fizz and bubbles that you so much enjoy. 

Most soda cans are almost at the limit of their carrying capacity so when you freeze and the water expands, there is no space to contain that expansion, and when the can passes its carrying limit, it ruptures or explodes. 

It is not the expansion of water that breaks the bottle or makes the can burst. But the pressure exerted by a trapped pocket of CO2 on a point in the container.

There you have it, freezing your soda bears the risk of the container exploding. Even if the soda doesn’t explode, but the CO2 somehow manages to escape, your soda would not taste right as it would have lost the carbonation. SEO y posicionamiento SEO

How to Refrigerate Your Soda

Refrigeration is the ideal way to keep soda from going bad once it has been opened. Leaving your soda in the fridge would preserve for about 4 weeks, that’s more than enough time to finish a can of soda. 

CO2 is more soluble in cold soda than warm soda so you don’t have to worry about losing the carbonation.

Step 1: Storage

There’s no way I would ask you to reseal the already opened soda can. That’s an impossible mission I doubt even Tom Cruise would accept. The alternative is to transfer your soda into an empty plastic water bottle. 

Squeeze out as much air as you can from the bottle before sealing the cap very tightly. If you are taking your soda from a glass bottle that you cannot reseal or cap then you should do the same too. That’s all you need to do, pretty easy right?

Step 2: Refrigerating

Where you place the bottle of soda is very important. Don’t place the soda in the door compartment where the temperature would be irregular, put the bottle right in the middle of the fridge where the temperature is regulated. 

This process would help you keep the carbonation for no longer than 4 weeks, that is how long you’ve got to enjoy the soda at its best quality.

How to Get Your Soda Chilled in Minutes

Soda is mostly water, and water freezes at temperatures lower than 32°F. It takes about 20 – 25 minutes for your soda to freeze. So if you need your soda to chill and you have 20 minutes to wait, why not? Set a timer for 18 minutes, put your can or bottle of soda into the freezer and get it as soon as the timer beeps. 

Chilling your can or bottle of soda in a bucket of ice in the freezer halves the freezing time. If you add water to that bucket of ice, your can of soda will chill in about 4 to 6 minutes. 

If I told you that you can get your warm can of soda chilled and ready to drink in 2 or 3 minutes would you believe me? Well, you can. Take that bucket of ice, add water then, add salt. Put your can of soda in the mix and place it in the freezer for 2 – 3 minutes and there you have it.

What to Do When You Accidentally Freeze Your Soda

Frozen soda is reasonable as long as the container did not rupture from the pressure or leak and let the precious CO2 gas escape. In cases like this, if you thaw the can of Soda, the carbonation will right itself. 

When you want to thaw frozen soda, do not expose the frozen can to a rapidly changing temperature, that alone can help the bottle or can go ballistic. Instead, thaw it in a refrigerator where the temperature is regulated.

I have a tip to help you curb the mess that could come from your bottle or can exploding, during the thawing process. 

When you want to thaw your frozen soda, put the cans or bottles into individual Ziploc bags or heavy-duty freezer bags. This will help you catch the mess if the bottles explode. 

If you can avoid it, do not attempt to freeze your soda or get into a situation where it freezes accidentally. It could be a waste of time and money.

Can You Freeze Soda?

Can You Freeze Soda?

Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Your SodaHow to Refrigerate Your SodaStep 1: StorageStep 2: RefrigeratingHow to Get Your Soda Chilled in MinutesWhat to Do When You





Can You Freeze Soda?
Can You Freeze Soda?

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