Can You Freeze Tortillas?




Tortillas have, undoubtedly, been around for centuries, with some food experts claiming them to have first appeared on the food map around 12,000 years ago. Tortillas have come a long way in recent years, especially since Mexican cuisine and Southwestern food has witnessed a major increase in popularity. 

Having become one of the most commonly consumed food items around the world, that too in various forms, it’s not surprising that people would want to know whether storing and freezing tortillas are viable options.

So, can you freeze tortillas? Thankfully, yes, you can. The best way to freeze tortillas is to wrap them up and place wax paper between each layer to prevent them from sticking together. A freezer bag or sealable container can be used for freezing tortillas since they will help keep them good enough for at least 6 to 8 months.


Here’s a complete guide to storing, freezing, and defrosting this delicious and versatile food item.

How Long Do Tortillas Last in the Fridge?

Of course, you can store leftover tortillas in the fridge, but make sure you consume them sooner rather than later. 

If you have an opened tortilla packet with just one or two remaining, or you’ve just prepared a fresh batch that you want to store for a little while, you can expect the tortillas to remain good for at least ten days in the fridge. Any longer and they will begin to fall apart and will also lose their original freshness.

Why Should You Freeze Tortillas? 

Moving on, let’s begin by addressing the matter of having to freeze tortillas in the first place.

For starters, freezing tortillas is a great way to prolong their shelf life. Sure, it’s not the same as eating them fresh, but freezing for preservation is the best option available. 

Secondly, the best part about freezing tortillas is that it doesn’t affect their quality or taste! Moreover, their nutritional value also remains intact. Freezing slows down the bacterial growth that would otherwise spoil your tortillas and help retain and prolong their freshness. 

And lastly, it’s so convenient to have tortillas safely tucked away in your freezer for whenever you feel the need to make an afternoon or midnight snack. 


How to Freeze Tortillas

Now that you know the benefits of freezing tortillas, let us guide you into doing the deed.

You can either freeze tortillas in their original packing for a couple of days, or you can follow the given steps to store them in the freezer for a longer period.

If you’re freezing homemade ones, make sure they’ve cooled and are at room temperature. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands before handling the tortillas; food safety before everything else!

Here’s how to freeze tortillas while maintaining their quality and freshness:

  1. Arranging – before freezing, wrap the pile of tortillas using foil, plastic wrap, or freezer paper. Place wax or parchment paper between each sheet to prevent them from sticking to one another once frozen.
  2. Packing – place the tortillas in a neat pile inside a freezer bag or container. Make sure there is no excess air within the bag or container before sealing it.
  3. Labeling – always properly label the bag or container using a water-resistant permanent marker. For store-bought tortillas, mention the original expiration date and the date when you repackaged them. This helps keep track of the quality and longevity of the tortillas. 
  4. Freezing – place the tortillas in the freezer in a clear and open space.

For How Long Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Frozen tortillas remain good for a maximum of 8 months, any longer and they begin to lose their taste, flavor, and structure, and they also won’t remain quite appealing after you defrost them. We recommended consuming tortillas within two months of being frozen if you want them to remain optimally delicious. Onlyfans gratis de chicas tetonas

However, this depends greatly on the type of tortillas. Store-bought tortillas, due to the presence of preservatives, will naturally survive longer in the freezer as compared to freshly cooked homemade tortillas.

Also, store-bought tortillas frozen in their original packaging will last longer as opposed to an opened packet.

And yes, you can freeze corn and flour tortillas as well! However, their shelf life and longevity in the freezer will vary greatly due to their different ingredients and the various processes that go into making them.

Here’s a general guide to how long you can store and freeze different types of tortillas:

Type of TortillaRefrigeratorFreezer
Flour Tortillas3-4 weeks6-8 months
Corn Tortillas6-8 weeks6-8 months
Spinach Tortillas3-4 weeks6-8 months
Whole Wheat Tortillas3-4 weeks6-8 months
Homemade Tortillas5-7 days6-8 months

How to Defrost Frozen Tortillas

Defrosting tortillas perfectly is as important as freezing them correctly. But don’t worry, it’s simple.

Tortillas that are frozen using parchment or wax paper layering are much easier to defrost since the layering helps maintain their shape and allows individual tortillas to be separated easily if you don’t need to defrost them all at the same time.

The best method is to remove them from the freezer and let them defrost at room temperature. It generally takes about an hour, depending on how thick the tortillas are. If the temperature is a bit hot and humid, you can defrost the tortillas by placing them in the fridge for a couple of hours.

If you’re particularly cut for time, you can also microwave the tortillas on low power. Avoid heating them too quickly since this will result in soggy, limp, or torn tortillas.

Cool Tip: For corn tortillas, use a toaster. Place two entirely frozen corn tortillas in each slot for about 1-2 minutes for soft and steamy ready-to-eat tortillas!

How to Tell If Thawed Tortillas Have Gone Bad

Last but not least – remember to check the tortillas for freshness constantly. In certain cases, tortillas might not live up to their complete shelf life when frozen, owing to various conditions. 

So watch out for molds and mildew, which are the usual culprits in food spoilage.


So here’s our guide to everything you need to know about storing and freezing tortillas.  Just remember: as long as you stack and freeze them correctly, there should be no trouble extending their shelf life and having delicious tortillas whenever you feel like it.

Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Tortillas have, undoubtedly, been around for centuries, with some food experts claiming them to have first appeared on the food map around 12,000 years ago. To





Can You Freeze Tortillas?
Can You Freeze Tortillas?

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