How Long to Microwave Water to Boil?




After some experience with microwaving water to boil to make my tea, coffee, and green tea, I finally know for how long to microwave water to boil. Depending on your microwave’s power/wattage, it only takes 2-3 minutes to microwave water to boiling. 

Add in a teabag, and you have your tea ready in a blink or two!

However, as easy it is to use the microwave, there is a risk of super-heating. Hence, scroll down to see how to perfectly microwave water to boil so that you never have to use the stovetop ever again!

Water – The Driving Force of Life

Life would not exist on this planet if it were not for water. You need it for everything; you need it to survive. For the hot, simmering beverages that you consume in your daily breakfast, the water needs boiling, or at least warm. But not everyone has the time to take out a pan or kettle, put it on a stovetop with water, wait for boiling, then pour into the cup to make their beverage while cleaning up the mess they made in the process; and for those who have the time does not have the patience for it, like me. 


Even reading the steps made me tired; I cannot even imagine doing all that. For people like me, pour the water into a cup and shoving it into the microwave, let the water boil and then put the teabag in it; it sounds like an easy solution.

Why Should You Microwave Water to Boil?

  • Tell me something more convenient: there is nothing easier than using a microwave. And, once you get used to microwaving water to boil, you are never going back to the conventional method.
  • Absolutely safe; just stay cautious: the chances of mishaps and burning incidents decrease to zero when you microwave water to boil; even a sensible kid (under supervision) can do it. The only thing you need to be careful with is taking the water out of the microwave once it has boiled because caution is the parent of being safe!
  • Saves you a lot of time: when you are running late to your job, or your kids are creating mayhem at the breakfast table, and you are struggling with time, there is nothing better than using the microwave to boil water; it is the ultimate rescue.
  • No skills are required: let your kids surprise you with a hot beverage next time. It does not need a course of instructions to use a microwave, just teach the kid (sensible enough) to be careful, and voila, you can enjoy a cup of tea without having to make it!

What are you waiting for now? Try microwaving water to boil yourself, and next time you will be one of them who swear by it! Fulares para bebés


Microwave Water to Boil – But For How Long?

Your microwave might differ from mine in terms of power, but the difference is only minor. So the first cup of water can be an experiment to learn how long you should microwave water to boil.

It takes less than 5 minutes from entering your kitchen to leaving it, meanwhile boiling the water in the microwave.

Prep timeCook timeTotal time
1 minute1-3 minutes2-4 minutes

Now that you are mentally prepared to do it once, let us dig into the brief steps of how to do it.

How to Microwave Water to Boil

Step-to-step guide to microwave water to boil;

  • First things first, choose a microwave-proof container such as glass or ceramic; and then set it aside to use in a microwave for the rest of your life.

**Safety tips: 

  1. Never use any metallic, plastic, or Styrofoam utensil in a microwave as they can cause a spark
  2. Use an old, worn out the container with a few scratches or chips on it instead of a new smooth container. It eliminates any risk of getting the water super-heated and lets the bubbles form evenly on the surface (nucleation).
  3. The only risk involved with microwaving water to boil “super-heating” that is the water spills or bursts suddenly once it has boiled in the microwave causing burns, therefore to avoid the risk follow the safety tips and all steps cautiously”**
  • In that container, now pour in the water.
  • Ensure the container is not sealed or shut tightly as it can lead to building up steam and later an explosion.
  • To avoid over-heating or “super-heating,” place a non-metallic object such as a wooden stick (chopstick or the stick from a popsicle). It will act as an insulating material.
  • Now put the container with water in the microwave and start heating it in short intervals.

For example, if the set time is 3 minutes, you set the microwave for the first minute and a half, then gently and carefully stir the water, after which you set the microwave water for the last minute and a half to let it boil.

  • Once the time ends, carefully open the microwave; watch out there will be some steam.
  • Tap the container in the microwave with a wooden spatula; this will check if the water got accidentally super-heated. If it did, the water at the top would slightly spill in the microwave hence saving you from any hazards.
  • Stir the water again while sitting in the microwave.
  • Take it out carefully.
  • There you go! You have boiled water at your service!

Time to Go!

You might find these steps a hassle while reading, but it takes almost no time to microwave water to boiling. You will know only when you do it yourself! Happy microwaving your water and saving your time!

How Long to Microwave Water to Boil?

How Long to Microwave Water to Boil?

After some experience with microwaving water to boil to make my tea, coffee, and green tea, I finally know for how long to microwave water to boil. Depending o





How Long to Microwave Water to Boil?
How Long to Microwave Water to Boil?

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