What Does Black Pudding Taste Like?




Black pudding is one of the distinct superfoods out there. The regional food is also known as blood sausage or blood pudding. It is made from pork blood and pork fat with onion, herbs, spices, and cereals, mostly oatmeal, barley groats, and oat groats.

The substantial amount of cereal and herbs added distinguishes it from other types of pudding and sausage. Does the sound of the food being produced from animal blood make you squeamish or you’re worried about the family not liking the taste of the pudding if served as breakfast?


What does black pudding taste like? Black pudding is a savory, dry, earthy, herby, nutty, and filling mashed blood sausage. Seasoning and spices can be added to give it a spicy taste. The pudding does not taste anything like blood. If you did not know blood was one of the ingredients used to make it, you probably would not notice it at all. It is a lot chunkier than a typical sausage. The savory food has dark-color skin.

The need for using up the blood from slaughtered pigs to avoid wastage gave birth to the production of black pudding. Once you’ve tried it out, your fear of the taste would fly out of the window and you would keep wanting to eat more.

Nutritional Benefits of Black Pudding

The English and Ireland-originated food does have a lot of advantages to the human body and its proper functioning. It has a great taste with high nutrition and pre-digested bioavailable nutrients. It is a good source of iron, zinc, vitamins B12, vitamin B6, folate, riboflavin, niacin, choline, magnesium, sodium, and protein.

The protein in it helps keep the human body energized and active for a very long time. It helps the body feel fuller for a long duration, build and repair muscles and enhance the functioning of the immune and hormonal system. 

The readily absorbable minerals like iron, sodium, magnesium, and zinc are easily passed to the entire cells of our body, thereby providing us with more oxygen and energy. If you’re suffering from the risk of anemia or other mineral-associated diseases, you should try out a smoked or traditionally prepared black pudding.


Apart from the savory taste oatmeal adds to the black pudding, it also fosters the proper functioning of the digestive system. It is a great source of fiber which aids smooth food digestion and lowers the cholesterol level of the body.

It also contains saturated fat and high calorie that helps improve the hormonal system by building blocks of hormones and cell membrane. Recent research shows that consuming black pudding boosts the optimally functioning of the human brain. Korean Beauty

Culinary Uses of Black Pudding

Black pudding is either eaten on its own, mashed with other food, or used as a supplement for various cuisines. It can be consumed at any time of the day, but in the UK and Ireland, it is usually eaten as breakfast. It can be perfectly enjoyed by boiling, frying, grilling, or heating it in the oven with fry-ups or with pear and scallops. 

You can mash it up with your potato and other dishes. Crumble the black pudding into pieces and stir the desired amount with mashed potatoes. You can always put a little amount if you’re not ardent about adding a thick slice of black pudding to your food.

Would you like to change your diet to something tasty like your regular sausage but not sausage? You can add the pudding in a bowl of warm salad, cabbage, hazelnuts, sandwich, cider vinegar, and honey dressing. You can also use a small amount of it as a seasoning to a silky cerelac soup. All you have to do is top the soup with scallops and black pudding.

It is a perfect substitute for beef used in stuffing. Chop it into small sizes and place it in the center of a pork fillet parcel. Serve it with rhubarb to enhance its taste and to complement its richness.

Where Did Black Pudding Originate From? How Do You Procure it?

Black pudding has been prominent across menus of English and Ireland pubs over the last few years. Love it or hate it, this Britain’s beloved food has been for years and is not showing signs of leaving anytime soon. While some believe that It traveled with the Romans as they conquered different regions of the world and people, others believe it traveled within the general populace over time.

Its popularity spreading to various parts of the world led to an increase in its demand. In France, it is known as Boudin Noir. It can be prepared traditionally at home or purchased at the nearest supermarket or convenience store. 

To prepare black pudding at home, you would need four cups of pig’s blood, a cup of milk, finely chopped onions, three cups of diced lard, and a spoonful of black pepper to spice it up.

Filter the pig’s blood to remove dirt and mix it thoroughly in a bowl filled with three cups of hot water with fat, onion, herb, milk, salt, pepper, and cooked oats. Pour the mixture into an oven dish laid with grease and allow it to bake for about 1hour. If you have leftover black pudding, wrap the sliced portion with foil paper and allow it to freeze to retain its quality. 

Is Black Pudding Illegal in America?

Yes, it is. Taking into consideration the poisonous contents, sanitary reasons, and concerns from the government’s food agency over genetically modified food, black pudding had to be banned by the American government. Other food that needs blood for its preparation like ti-hoeh-koe from Taiwan is also banned for the same reason.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Black Pudding

  • In 2014, the UK government bought over 3 million kilos of black pudding and spent approximately £17.5 million on it.
  • The longest black pudding in history measures 226.67m and it was made in 2014 by Gmina Radomyśl Wielki in Poland.
  • To know who has the best black pudding, a world championship competition is held in Ramsbottom, England annually.
  • There are communities of black pudding lovers where their knighted members must promise to promote the consumption of the food and uphold its quality.

What Does Black Pudding Taste Like?

What Does Black Pudding Taste Like?

Black pudding is one of the distinct superfoods out there. The regional food is also known as blood sausage or blood pudding. It is made from pork blood and po






What Does Black Pudding Taste Like?
What Does Black Pudding Taste Like?

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